Parental Controls

iOS, Android, and Google (Chrome) devices such as tablets and phones provide parental control settings to restrict purchases, apps, games, music, tv, movies, and websites.


Apple Music
Apple Music has restriction settings to filter explicit songs with curse words, however it doesn't work unless the artist or band marks their music as explicit.

TV and Movies

The Apple TV+ app is our favorite as it offers comprehensive restriction options for non-Apple TV devices through its in-app settings. On Apple TV, you can easily restrict the app by adjusting the settings to your preference. Moreover, when buying individual episodes of TV shows or movies, you have the flexibility to apply restrictions based on their respective ratings. Please note that certain shows, like Netflix Originals, are not available for purchase. Furthermore, the Apple TV allows you to restrict apps based on their rating or even block all apps if desired. To ensure added privacy, content can be viewed by entering a passcode, which can conveniently be entered using an iPhone to prevent children from viewing it directly on the screen, or choosing "approve" on your phone using FaceID.

Parental Control Setup Guides
Amazon Fire Stick
More Streaming Options


There are various internet parental controls to restrict or only allow websites. Our recommendation is to not allow internet at all unless you are monitoring your child on a specific website. Even if you are on a website that you trust, they may have ads and links to external content and websites.

Internet Parental Controls

You can purchase a device that connects to your home router. You can pause the internet, set schedules, filter websites, and block specific apps and games on many devices including gaming consoles.

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